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The Jewish Enrichment Center 

Looking for an alternative to the mainstream Sunday school experience?  
Interested in fostering positive Jewish memories for your children?  
The Jewish Enrichment Center just may be the answer you were looking for.

Pre BarMitzvah Program for 9-11 years old

Our mission – to keep Jewishness alive and meaningful for our children.


This year, 2016 – 2017, the Jewish Enrichment Program will focus on:

1. Keeping Traditions Alive through stories, discussion, art, songs and games, we will explore the unique symbols, heroes and spiritual practices that helped the Jewish people stay connected to their Jewish roots.

2. Get to know the key figures that shaped the making of the Jewish people.  Explore Jewish traditions that have been passed from generation to generation  Discover modern day rituals that help us bring meaning and mark life’s special moments.
Our Team:
Rina Daly Goode –  Founder of the spiritual based interactive Jewish learning.
Rebekah Mirsky – Cantor Extraordinare

     Multi-aged experiential learning – geared for 9-11 years olds.

     We will meet TWICE a MONTH  plus a few holiday gatherings/field trips
     Generally the second and forth Sunday of each month from 10 am-12:30 pm
     Cost for the 10 month program:  $1,100 yearly tuition plus $100 material fees
     To get an overview of the program check out our YouTube:  this and this!

Here is the 2016-2017 schedule:

JEC under talitSun Sep 18:  10 am – 12:30 pm   So what’s new? – Preparing for Rosh Hashana

Sun Sep 25: Teshuvah  – the path of return –  a special  day trip to the beach  for the ceremony of Tashlich

Oct 9: The path of forgiveness – preparing for Yom Kippur

Oct 23: Sukkot celebration

Nov 6: The making of the Jewish Mishpacha

Nov 20: Jewish Pioneers

Sunday Dec 4: The gift of Shabbat – with stories, songs and prayers

Dec 11: Hanukkah –  being the Miracle

Winter breakDSC01276

Sun Jan 8:   Got Mitzvah?

Jan 22: Shabbat Take 2

Feb 5: Tu B’shvat – The Jewish way of honoring land, tree, and fruit

Feb 26:

Havdalah, –  bringing the sacred into the Ordinary
(Due to Valentine’s Day and President’s Day weekend, we will meet at the end of the month)


March 12: Purim Carnival         (Daylight saving time starts)

March 26:   The making of a good  leader

April 9:   Passover Family experience

April 23:  The magic of Jerusalem

May 7:  The Miracle of Israel’s existence

May 21: The Holiday of Shavout

June 4:   Graduation party

Our small home-based Jewish Enrichment program can only accomodate 8 families.  Sign up now for  2016-2017 program!

We are still looking for three more families to enroll.
Do you who  else can benefit from spirit-based Jewish Eduction in a home setting?
The registration form is at the end of this page!  Or email
A deposit of $180 will guarantee your participation.



Rina Daly-Goode, our educational director, is always ready to share her joy of Judaism with the community. For more than a decade, Rina has been preparing young and old to become Bar and Bat Mitzvah. “It is such a delight to teach an individual how to read Hebrew, sing prayers and chant from the Torah,” she says with a smile.

In 1995, after graduation from CSUN with a BA in Child Development and Jewish Studies, Rina started “a new kind of Hebrew School” called the Jewish Enrichment Club. In this relaxed home-centered environment, children and parents gather every Friday afternoon to creatively explore the deep, rich traditions of our Jewish heritage.

Born in Israel, Rina brings inspiring stories from the homeland into many discussions. She especially likes to share powerful images from the realities of living in Jerusalem through times of peace and war. One of her earliest memories took place the Shabbat following the Six Day war where hundreds of people were all rushing to get to the Old City of Jerusalem. After hours of walking, everyone found themselves staring in awe at the Western Wall and Rina was asked to pray in front of it.

Already an inquisitive four-year-old, Rina refused to pray to the large blocks of stones – even with her mother’s encouragement. Week after week she just stood there in amazement, witnessing the loud praying crowd and the outpourings of their hearts.

“What makes them pray?,” she wondered. “Who are they praying to, and why are people from all over the world so drawn to this wall?”

Since then her spiritual journey has continued to unfold. Each Rabbi or scholar Rina encountered added new dimensions of beauty to her understanding of Torah and Mitzvot. When she got to know Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Rabbi Stan Levy and the B’nai Horin community, Rina knew she had finally found her spiritual family. In May of 2008 Rina received a Master Degree in Spirituality from the University of Santa Monica.

Cantor Steve Puzarne – Our Spirited Prayer and Song Leader


Steve Puzarne is a graduate of Hebrew Union College School of Sacred Music.
Founder of “Visions of wholeness”-
dedicated to providing spiritual care and special needs children and their families.

The Jewish Enrichment Club draws its support and inspiration from our Rabbis Stan Levy & Laura Owens, the Bnai-Horin community, and the Jewish Renewal Movement.

Sign-up for our 2016-2017 program now. Call Rina Daly-Goode at 310.600.6639 or email DalyJoy@

Sign up today!

B’NAI HORIN/Children of Freedom


Child’s name ________________ _____________________ sex _______ age_____

DOB__________ Child’s Hebrew name__________________________________

Anticipated Bar/Bat Mitzvah date______ Grade level ________

School attending______________________________________________________

Child lives with: Both parents _____ Mother _____ Father _____ Other:_____________

Child’s address________________________________________________


Mother’s Name & Occupation   ______________________________________

Phone: Home _______________________ cell ____________________________

E-mail address______________________________________

Father’s Name & Occupation  ________________________________________

Phone: Home________________________ Cell ____________________________

E-mail address______________________________________

Tell us about your family Briefly describe Your child’s previous Jewish education:


Your family’s celebration of Jewish holidays:


What kind of special talents, knowledge or resources can you contribute to the group?


Please write on the back anything else you’d like us to know to help insure your child’s success.


Yearly Tuition: $1,100 plus Materials Fee: $100 (books, art supplies, weekly snack)

_____ Payment in full of $1,200 with registration. THANK YOU!

_____ Two payments: $600 with registration. Balance of $600 due by 1/15/2017

_____ Three payments: $400 with registration. $400 by 12/1/2016 $400 by 3/1/2017

Send reg form and payment to B’nai Horin/Children of Freedom, 10810 Ayres Ave, Los Angeles CA 90064  Thank you !

Rina Daly Goode, Education Director: 310.600.6639 email:

Jewish Enrichment Center location: 12713 Dewey St. Los Angeles 90066