Child Care and Youth

Our Program

The High Holidays children’s program is perhaps the most joyous embodiment of our name: B’nai Horin – Children Of Freedom. Gayle and kidsIn a relaxed nature-filled atmosphere the children are introduced to a wide array of age-appropriate activities that playfully reinforce Jewish values. Our objective is to offer the children a deeper understanding and a hand’s-on experience of self-reflection, forgiveness, Teshuvah, renewal and community life. We hike in nature, blow the Shofar from the mountaintop, design Mezuzahs, paint peace flags, and even create “rejuvenation bags” to support the fasting adults. We plant seeds by day and have heartfelt discussions by candlelight. We do Yoga and dance the Shema. We are blessed with many gifted community members who love to share their unique talents with the children:

  • Rina Daly-Goode, our beloved education director, leads the program
  • Gale Gayle, a world-renowned artist, brings her special flair for arts and crafts.
  • Our Master Musicians lead us in lifting our voices in song.

This, and so much more, makes the B’nai Horin High Holiday program enriching, enlivening, and just plain fun! We would love to see you there. Rina & Kids.GayleThe Child Care & Youth Programs combine day care with holy day based art, music, play activities and snack food. The children are organized into 3 groups: 1. Pre-School 2. Elementary 3. Pre-Teens. Parents of infants and pre-schoolers must assist with the program. Children Focused Services are held at noon on both Holy Days.


Program Fees

Rosh Hashana EVE & DAY and Yom Kippur EVE: Cost is $27 each per child

Yom Kippur DAY: Cost is $36 each per child

All Four Services: Cost is $108 per child

We do NOT offer child care at Rosh Hashana Day Two.

Please use the registration form to register your children and yourselves. You will fill in the names and ages of your children and WHICH services they will attend. Remember, we do NOT accept “drop in” children during the Holy Days, so please plan ahead. Your children will love our program.

You may bring your children/teens and have them join with you at your seats for services. In that case, kids are 1/2 of the adult price.