Contributions & Scholarships


This year we are using one price per household for ZOOM.  This may make it easier for people to join us as MEMBERS this year.  It would mean a lot to us!

If you still cannot do that, then we hope that you will make a contribution to B’nai Horin.  We need your support in order to get through this COVID year.

Your contribution can be included in our payment plans, including monthly and annual plans.

We thank you in advance!


High Holy DaysEach year some people want to attend our services, but are unable to make the requested contribution. We always give them a scholarship for the difference, and wish them a prosperous new year! This year we will do the same.

Everyone Pays Something!

We ask everyone to make sure they pay something, even $10 for those in direst straits. Please look carefully at what you can contribute and read the Costs Explained at the bottom of the Pricing & Fees Page in the High Holy Days Section so that you understand why we charge what we do.  ALSO CONSIDER OUR 12 MONTH PAYMENT PLAN.

If you still need financial aid, just note the amount of scholarship you need when you email Peggi.


Email Peggi ( and she will register you!