More Testimonials

Hi Stan,
Its Maddy. I’m emailing you because its exactly 1 year since I had my bat mitzvah. I am also emailing you because I remember that you said in your speech you gave to me during my bat mitzvah that it marked the 49th anniversary of your father’s death. Because its a year later then today would be the 50th anniversary of your fathers death.
You were so caring during the time of my dad’s death and I know that I am younger than you. But I wanted to return the favor and if you need anything you can always talk to me. And even though i cant be as caring and supportive as you were to me, i can try. I wanted to thank you for being supportive and someone I can look up for all my life. I know I can always talk to you or ask you for advice.
I miss seeing you and Laura every Sunday morning while you guided me through the process of having my bat mitzvah. I am so thankful I had you and Laura during everything leading up to my bat mitzvah (not just leading up to my bat mitzvah but all the classes, fun times spent while practicing, and everything else that would make this list go on for a long long time) and being such fun and nice rabbis and people I can look up to. I miss all the memories of being and talking with you and Laura and hope to visit you both really soon. Thank you so much and thank you for being such an important role in my life.

Love Always,
– Maddy

Rabbi Laura,

I was just blown away by the whole weekend experience.  As I mentioned to you, this could not have possibly been any better, and any expectations I had were easily surpassed.  Most of all, Charles had a completely positive experience throughout, one that he will take with him for the rest of his life.  And Sarah is eagerly anticipating following her older brother as a Bat Mitzvah in 2 years — but in warmer weather for our East coast relatives! 

You were so gracious and helpful throughout this whole process.  And the way the Bar Mitzvah was conducted, with the addition of Alula, was just amazing.  We got so many wonderful and appreciative comments from both sides of the family.  For many, it was their first Bar Mitzvah experience.  What a wonderful introduction!  We can’t ever thank you enough.  I am so glad I found you and this congregation!  

– David

Dear Rabbi Laura,

Wish there were better words than “thank you” since they seem so pedestrian compared to what you did for us.  I can’t tell you how many of our friends told us this was easily the most beautiful service they’d been to.  (Several of them added, “I know people always SAY that, but this time it’s true.”)  Everyone talked about how musical it was, how personal, how relaxed and upbeat.  People loved that you moved us over to the heat lamps at the end: you were absolutely right when you said it’s the unplanned moments that make it the most special, because I think everyone felt there was something so right about how we were all standing together for those last prayers.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen a bat/r mitzvah child look as happy as Annie did during the entire service.  She clearly felt prepared and ready and like it was something to enjoy and not something to fear–and I give you and Rina all the credit for that.  As a friend said, once again Annie was the “glue,” leading the way, making us do something that ultimately gave us all so much pleasure.

So again, thank you a million times over for making Saturday into truly one of the most wonderful days in our family’s life together.

All my best,

– Claire 

We wanted to thank you for working so beautifully with Alex + Casey.  Their B’nai Mitzvah was all we hoped it would be.  They learned so many life lesson’s from your program.  You have made our journey as parents richer.

– Luann  (after the second Bar Mitzvah done for her family)

Dear Rabbi Stan,
Thank you so much for a great service, and a great year. The Sundays I spent with you, were by far the most meaningful part of the week. Being in your class opened my eyes to how far being Jewish could go, and how far being spiritual can go. You taught me a lot about the Jewish history, and a lot about life and being a teenager. Spending an entire year with you was great, and I will remember all that you taught me for the rest of my life.

– Jake 

Thank you again for performing such a beautiful service. My family loved participating. It will be remembered always as a highlight in our lives. The Barrys and the Goldmans bonded in a way I could never have imagined.
– Luann 

Now that the last of my family is gone (home) and life is getting back to normal, I wanted to again express our gratitude for making Matt’s important day so meaningful to our families. Matt said it best – you taught him about our religion and about the meaning of the experience; you helped him learn rather than just told him to learn. That was our goal and we achieved it in a way greater than our expectations. I could not be happier that we entrusted you with our son for this right of passage. Now, get ready for Dan!
– Michael

Rabbi Stan took a process that started out [at a local Temple Sunday School program] as painful, to a new and interesting level for our daughter. What was mundane and uninspiring, became a pleasure and no longer a chore. It was fun to watch both of our children blossom under Stan’s tutelage. Their bas mitzvahs were turning points in their lives and Rabbi Stan was a gentle guiding light who steered them toward their goal in a kind, meaningful and inspiring way.
– Linda 

Stan…Once again…We are so grateful to you to have conducted both of our family’s bar mitzvah’s. The ceremony was perfect. We have received so many wonderful comments about how well Dan did and how meaningful a service you conducted. We couldn’t be more pleased. Even though our bar mitzvah’s are now completed, we hope to be able to call on you from time to time to offer us spiritual support and friendship. The connection and bond that we have developed with you from having you guide us through such significant days is very important to us. Our deepest thank you.
– Michael and Lisa

You worked beautifully with Zoe during this year to get her prepared for her Bat Mitzvah. The service was even more heartfelt and personal than we could have imagined. Our guests are still talking about how wonderful the service was – even the kids!!!
– Lucy & Jared