We invite you to join our community.

Congregation DancingOur membership year is from High Holy Days to High Holy Days. The time to renew your membership is now, with your High Holy Days Registration.

The number one reason to join is to make your personal statement of belonging. It means a lot to all of us.

Our membership prices are very low, $ 180 for an individual and $ 360 for families. We can keep our prices low because we do NOT own a facility.

Members receive special pricing for all our events, including the High Holy Day Services, our monthly Shabbat Morning Services, Holiday Celebrations during the year and our intimate Torah study group with Rabbis Stan and Laura.

Children are eligble for Bar & Bat Mitzvah classes and up to $1,000 in scholarships for summer programs in Israel.

High Holy DaysB’nai Horin/Children of Freedom, is a dues paying member of ALEPH The Alliance of Jewish Renewal Communities. ALEPH is the organization founded by Rabbi Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, who created the Jewish Renewal Movement. There are Jewish Renewal Communities around the US. Our members can

  • shop at Aleph’s on-line ReSources Catalog at discount prices
  • register for Beit Midrash on-line distance learning classes
  • apply for Aleph’s Lay Leadership Certificate Program
  • attend Aleph’s biennial international Kallah gathering, saving $54/individual or $72/household
  • participate in ALEPH retreats and training programs
  • receive Aleph’s weekly Kol ALEPH newsletter blog
  • join Aleph’s Renewal list-serve and discussion groups
  • stay connected with like-minded folks in Jewish Renewal around the world!

Let us encourage you to check out ALEPH’s web site.

We, the B’nai Horin community, are committed to living more spiritually enriching lives. Together we learn, share and pray, experiencing our connection with “God” – God, you who are present everywhere in our world – most of all, deep within each of us.

To learn more about our name, practices and guiding principles, read About B’nai Horin.