Suggested Contributions

Contributions for Membership

Our Membership year is High Holy Days to High Holy Days.  We hope you will renew your membership.  We count on you!  For more information, read our Membership Page.  Membership is $180 for individuals and $360 for families.

Contributions for Services

This year, all our services are on ZOOM.  So there is no early registration! And everyone must be registered by NOON on September 14th.  Then we can prepare the emails to give you the ZOOM log on for the services you are attending and the PDF of the prayerbook!

The good news is that we are charging by the household!  We hope you’ll dress up with us and celebrate in style!  And it might cost you less!  If you can make an  addtional contribution, it would be much appreciated.

“As good as I think our shabbat and other services have been on zoom, High Holy Days really deserve to be a step beyond.  I do believe that it will elevate the services to be at AJU, and it is also very important for Stan and Laura to be able to be together, in person.  Our chemistry is palpable when we are together, and I know that will translate to those present who are present virtually.  Having the Cantor Ed Robin there will add to the immediacy of it, and we will have recordings from the other musicians and cantorial soloists.  AJU is VERY happy to have us there, and they have been most accommodating.  There is a lot of work to do to get this done, and I have faith that it will enhance the meaning and beauty of the services.”

Rabbi Laura and Rabbi Stan

Contributions for All Services on ZOOM!

B’nai Horin Members:  $ 300 per household

NonMembers:   $ 400 per household

Contributions for 

Individual Services on ZOOM!

If you don’t buy “All services” you can purchase individual services.

For pricing purposes, we divide the Holy Days into the following “services”

Rosh Hashana Eve, Rosh Hashana Day,

Yom Kippur Eve, and Yom Kippur Day.

B’nai Horin Members:  $ 125 per household per service

Non Members:   $ 175 per household per service

Contributions for a Prayerbook – They are free this year.

Every attendee will get a PDF of our smaller prayerbook!



Organization & Sources of Income

IMG_5022_2B’nai Horin is a 501.c3 religious corporation. Contributions to B’nai Horin are tax deductible.

B’nai Horin operates on an annual budget of $75,000. 15% of our income comes from Membership, 52% from High Holy Days and the rest from our Shabbats, Holiday Celebrations and Contributions.

High Holy Day Budget & Costs

Last year it cost over $30,000 to produce the High Holy Days. Peggi Sturm, our Executive Director, serves as our High Holy Days Event Producer and receives a fee for her work. This is a full time job for over 3 months. (It would be less if everyone registered in advance, but she understands that this is just not plausible! We let her dream!)  Our wonderful musicians and artists receive token honoraria. Of course, AJU charges us for the facility. Plus, we pay for insurance.


And, we give scholarships to those who cannot afford the cost of High Holy Days. Last year we gave over $5,000 in scholarships.

What We Get For Free!

stan-torah_1We do NOT pay for a permanent facility. Rabbi Stan has served our community for 40 years without a charging a fee. Now we have two Rabbis and they are not paid from congregation monies.  Our B’nai Mitzvah program pays them, But no where near what they are worth! 

Regular Budget & Costs

During the year we pay the Riddick Center (but not this year!) and we have administrative costs of running an office, voice mail and regular communications. We have an Event Coordinator and Executive Director who receive nominal fees. It is our goal that each of our programs breaks even or has a small overage! In the end, it is no accident that we break even. (That is, we are “non-profit”!) We try to have enough left over to seed the next year’s events and projects and to grow our scholarship funds.

Controlling Costs

We are committed to keeping our costs as low as possible while producing high quality events and support.


Our major method of communication is eMail and the Web! Our web site has all the latest information on our events. And, we send everyone an email update bi-weekly. Join us by giving us your email address. Just click “Subscribe” on the left side of this page. We’ll add you to the regular email list.

Photos courtesy of Leslie Goldman, Joy Krauthammer & Lynda Levy.